“Altstetten” is our original Continental “N” gauge layout and when built was one of the few winter scenes in the country. This layout has 4 running tracks which are built on two levels with a small station on the upper level while the lower level runs beside a busy road. The upper level tracks often have preserved trains running on them from the local Preservation Society while the lower level often has an odd TGV diverted from its normal route to run through this scenic area.   The arrangement of four tracks allows us to run 14 different trains, seven on each level.

If you have time try to count the trees, we believe there are around 1000.  In order to keep the snow looking fresh a new coat of white emulsion paint is applied every 2 – 3 years.  Look out for the hunter being stalked by a black bear.

This layout was featured on the cover and inside the December 1992 issue of the ‘Continental Modeller‘ Magazine

The video below has no sound


The layout is 4.90M (16ft) long x 0.91M (3ft) deep and is operated from the rear.

Minimum overall footprint for layout and working space is 6.12M (20ft) x 2.75M (9ft) including a space for barriers at the front.

We have our own barriers if required and our layout can be transported in the club’s own trailer.

Minimum number of operators required is four.

This layout despite it age is still available on request to attend any exhibition.