Canal Way

This ‘N’ gauge layout “Canal Way” has an interesting scenic approach to it, with of course the theme being a canal, giving  this layout an ideal talking point at any exhibition.

The layout timeline is based on the late 1950’s early 1960’s, with BR stock, vehicles and figures to complement that era.

A combination of ‘Metcalfe’ card buildings, and ‘Ratio’ plastic kits were used to fulfill my ideas with the creation of this layout.

The track is Peco, Code 55 and  Peco smart point motors were also used for reliable operation.  The layout is operated by using traditional 12 volt DC power and controllers.

The size advantage of this layout, as being originally designed for home use only, is 5ft x 30 inches, with an operating space at rear of 2ft plus room needed for a table for stock requirements.

It is hoped, that this layout will encourage any prospective railway modeller, to take note of what can be achieved with a small and interesting layout, modelled in “N”gauge.

The owner of this layout requested permission from the club to build his own layout for home use within Falkirk Model Railway club’s clubroom.  There was a lot of interest and help given to him during the construction period until finally completed.   The club membership asked if it was possible for him to take his layout to exhibitions under the banner of Falkirk Model Railway Club.

Permission was granted and it is now ready to be exhibited.


This layout is privately owned and will come under the banner of Falkirk Model Railway Club when requested. Any requests must be confirmed through our club secretary.

This layout is 1.52M (5ft) long x 0.76M (2ft 6ins) wide and is operated from the rear

Minimum overall footprint for layout and working space is 2.75M (9ft) long x 2.44M (8ft) deep inclusive of a space for barriers at the front.

We have our own barriers if required and the layout can be transported in an estate car or our club trailer.

Minimum number of operators required is two.

The layout is currently available for exhibition use.