Ronshafen is a small ‘N’ gauge terminus station in Mid Germany and is a destination for several preserved railways which provide frequent arrivals. Many commuter trains bringing workers to the local steelworks and shoppers from the surrounding countryside also make this a busy station.
Originally a small port, the town was rebuilt after the war but the dock was mainly filled in and now only a small wharf remains. A goods shed was built on the old dock-side and a tram-line originally designed to take workers from adjacent towns, terminates behind the town square. It runs past a local factory and on to the next valley.

Important local landmarks are the old manor house, now opened as a leisure centre with a tennis court, swimming pool, mini golf and a full 18 hole golf course heading over the hill. A high level halt has a small hotel which is used by hikers and tourists. There is also a market garden which supplies plants and shrubs to the surrounding area.

The layout is built on three 4′ x 2′ Plywood boards supported by a 2”x 1” timber frame. It is designed to fit into a room at home hence the L shape. There are two hand held controllers. Each can control trains on all parts of the layout but the tram has its own controller. The train trackwork is ‘Arnold’ which has the disadvantge that the point and uncoupler motors are surface mounted. This however makes it easier to replace any motors which fail. The tram trackwork is from Peco.


This layout is privately owned and will come under the banner of Falkirk Model Railway Club when requested. Any requests must be confirmed through our club secretary.

The layout is ‘L’ shaped with viewing on the RHS. It is 3.05M (10ft) long x 1.2M (4ft) deep and is operated from the rear.

Minimum overall footprint for layout and working space is 4.27M (14ft) long x 3.66M (12ft) deep inclusive of a space for barriers at the front.

We have our own barriers if required and our layout can be transported in the club’s own trailer or within 2 cars.

Minimum number of operators is four.

This layout is currently available for exhibitions